Weather is officially here and we have already experienced recent snow fall. Management wants to review some simple directions/ tips for dealing with snow fall and cold temperatures.

1. We ask that residents have a shovel on hand to remove snow around their vehicles as management will not be able to clear this for you or provide you with a shovel.

2. We ask that your welcome mat/personal items at the front entrance of your door (if you know bad weather is coming) be removed when it is snowing. Maintenance often uses snow blowers to remove snow and the mats/personal belongings can be damaged and caught in the snow blower blades. Management will not be responsible for any personal items that may be damaged from this.

3. If you know inclement weather is coming, backing your vehicle into a parking space will make it easier to pull out of your parking space after snow fall.

4. When removing snow off your vehicle or around your vehicle please be sure not to dump the snow on already cleared walkway/ fire lanes/ or roadway.

5. As much as possible we ask that you steer clear from plow trucks or snow equipment as you will not be easily seen during snow removal.

6. As you see parking spaces being cleared by the plow truck it would be helpful to move your vehicles to those cleared spaces so we can then clear your space(s). Be patient it takes some time to get around to everybody's parking areas.

7. If you will be away from your apartment for any length of time we ask that the heat be maintained to a minimal heat of 55 degrees to void pipes from freezing and possibly bursting. Do Not Turn Your Heat Off.

8. During extreme cold weather it is also helpful to keep your kitchen and bath faucets on to a very slow drip. This helps pipes from freezing up and busting during very frigid temperatures.

Please be patient during snow storms as it does take some time for maintenance to reach all the buildings and all the lots/roads. Always feel free to contact the office if you have any questions. Lastly please take caution and be safe during snow fall and freezing temperatures.